Web server port number

Hi. It would be nice to be able to set the port number manually (maybe with a checkbox to switch between auto and manual). I sometime give access to my real time development to some friends to get their ideas and I need to set the port forwarding on my router so they can access it. As the port number changes every time I open up Bootstrap Studio, I have to go back in my router configuration and set the new value. I hope it can be included in a future release..

Thank you.

Thank you for the suggestion! We can add this option to the Preview dialog. You will be able to set up a preferred port which the app should use. Only if it is taken will the app assign a random one. Do you think that this would help you?

Yes, but maybe it would be confusing, so I suggest you add a button or a switch to choose automatic or manual port. If manual is selected and the port is already in use, a warning should be given with the option to use an available port (no change to the manual port value and checkbox/switch as maybe the user want to use these settings next time).

I would not choose a different port without asking the user if he wants to use another available port. This could be a security risk and could confuse user that believe the server is running on the port he choosed.

Being able to set the port in the preview would be nice. I am developping a node server a can't connect to the server to see my app with live datas.

But your tool is very funny to use. You did a great job!