Website does not resize on mobile device

Hi all !

I have designed a site in bootstrap and when i resize it from within BS it all resizes perfectly (when grabbing and moving the right hand side and reducing the width). It even works in a desktop browser! But when I view the site on a variety of mobile devices (Samsun Galaxy 8 and iPhone 9) it only displays in desktop view?? Ive checked to make sure the mobile browsers arent set to view in 'Desktop Mode' and they're not. Any ideas??

Many thanks in advance! Tommytee.

My crystal ball ain't working ATM. Please share your website URL.

Sorry Marrco,

Website is

Thanks, Tom. is just a wrapper. works fine. And that's your real website. BTW, there are a few errors there too. See

enter image description here

Ahh thanks Marrco, what errors? I notice theres a shudder there..

no hamburger menu visible,white margins at right and top, a few 404s and probably more. I see you .js, css and html are a little messy

enter image description here