Website Max Storage and Bandwidth

Evening Ladies and Gents.

I started making a Website for Nicky Nally for my brothers girlfriend yesterday. They're both nightclub Djs and have a lot of mixes which can be up to 1GB in size. Until she gets her own webspace I want to host the site and the mixes on my BS webspace.

  • Is there a limit to how many of these mixes I can upload to the website.
  • Will there be any limitations regarding bandwidth.
  • Any other restrictions.

Thanks folks. Your help on this matter is appreciated.

If anyone looks at the website ignore the content. It's only my idea template. Everything is made up to fill it out and give her a rough idea of what it's gonna look like.

I personally like it and think the structure is really well done. I am not sure what the storage is but ya might need a bucket of suds....