Website sync across different systems

Hi, Since I have 3 different Bootstrap Studio Licences, I have it installed on 3 different PC's. Is there a way for me to have access to the most up do date versions of each site, on every system? I have Google-drive and Dropbox. Should I just save my websites there, instead of locally?



That would be the most logical thing to try I would think. Make a copy of them to your Dropbox (don't move them there so you have this version at least to fall back on if it messes up, but it shouldn't). Edit away.

The other option would be to put it on a flash drive and take it with you to the other computers. Either way should work pretty well.

Confirmed with Google Drive. Simply saving the files on Google Drive directly from Bootstrap Studio and treating it as regular storage seems to work fine from one PC to another. No hiccups as far as I can tell. Thanks for the input!


Glad it worked out for you. Also, do keep in mind that others have reported that using Bootstrap Themes does not transfer from one computer to the other. It seems they are installed within the app and not within the project. This just means that if you want to use any Bootstrap Theme setups, you'll need to export after setting it up and then import the CSS (and any other extra files it may have created, but I think it's just the CSS) file. Then the theme will be there inside the project rather than just contained in the app itself.