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Just an idea!
I don’t know if it’s going to be appreciated by everyone, but I thought, if there’s the possibility of introducing a closed forum thread for only those who contribute with BSS project templates, that might be of great help.
To join this topic, one would need to submit a BSS project, this would be evaluated by some forum members, it does not need to be BSS developers, the project being approved the member would have access to the topic, there would be a subtopic for the template library and all could download these templates and use in your projects.
I thought about it for the following reason, we often spend days developing a project and in this way, in addition to having a larger portfolio, we would also save a lot of time in development.
It wouldn’t be something to use on the BSS, just on the forum and for those who contribute at least one project.
BSS can even communicate to all customers that this feature is available and the terms of use.
We can improve the criteria for the project, but I think it’s valuable to everyone this feature.
I believe that union is strength and cooperation allows us to have more resources to work.
As I said at the beginning of the topic it’s just an idea!
I will also leave a contribution in advance.
Is anyone here as old as me? Have you ever watched the current movie of good?
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A brilliant idea. I look forward to submitting my site as soon as it’s up.

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Bad idea. Let everyone use the forum. What is the purpose of creating a private section? Do you like privacy? Or something does not suit the forum?

Cool, but for this idea you need designers with a good aesthetic sense