Website too big to publish with 170 pictures, this is very limited, what are the actual limits to the free server?

I am trying to publish a site, only a simple carousel but with a lots of pictures, on my HD is only 62mb, how can that be too large?!? it is saying: try to reduce the number or size of the images, but I can’t do that, I need them to be the way they are, what can I do, so frustrating! Is there an limit to how many images a site can have? what is that limit? why is there a limit? Isn’t the Bootstrap Studio server space unlimited? Can please somebody help me with this? I actually need to upload even more images, I have no way to reduce it, the exported site is only 72mb. The number of images is only 170.

Thank you!

PS, I had to reduce the number of pictures to more than half just to be able to upload, at 71 it uploaded… that is unacceptable IMO, all I wanted is a simple slide show formatted the right way with about 200 pictures, not even a lot of server space, the whole site would be less than 100mb, yet Bootstrap Studio can’t handle that? I don’t understand, can you please increase the amount of pictures a site can have to at least 1000? Like this is kinda unusable to me… I have to host somewhere else and manually enter the URL for about 100 images to make this work? Than what is the point of the server you offer?
Also, can you please publish the exact limit a site has on the amount of data and number of pictures you can upload on to the server so people know what they are actually getting with your free hosting? What is that number? I’d like to find out myself too so I can plan accordingly.

Pay for your own domain and hosting and you won’t have this problem.


First have you optimised your images? A 1920x1080 (Full screen HD) image would be around 400kB, optimising it to webP or a mozJPG would probably half that.

The link below is to a good bulk image optimiser

And for online:

Second, how is having a limit on a FREE service unacceptable? As hackers_84 says, getting your own hosting you can have as much space as you want to pay for. If you don’t want to pay, put the images on dropbox and link the src to there.

Also it will take about 5 seconds to change the src url using search and replace.


I dont get you why would you need in first place over 200 inages for a slider… Upload images on imgur and link them into your img src, render them server side using php or just buy a hosting or…dont make websites cause u have no idea how to make them!?

Over 60mb… Goddammit…

Thanks for the image optimizer link! I guess you are right, I should not expect too much from a free host, I was under time pressure with this project and when it failed to upload I panicked, anyway, I did solve it with Flicker serving the images, it just took a lot of time to put the URLs in since there was a lot of pictures and I had to match up one by one manually. The site had to be multifunctional, had to work on a phone and on a 4k screen too as a automatic slide show filling the whole screen, had to write custom CSS for it, that is why the pictures are so big. Overall I succeeded, BSS did the job. I still want to know the exact limit of the size of the site I can put on the server so I have a better idea next time.

It was a special project with very unusual parameters for an art gallery, see my other reply, I did solve it and after all it was a success… I don’t think 60mb is that much btw… what if I post a video, as they suggested that I could do in the documentation if I wanted to serve it myself from their server, so I did not expect a limitation like this. I still don’t know what the exact limit is since they don’t mention anywhere, I think they should. I wrote the an email, let’s see the answer. On the other hand, just because you don’t know the details of this project and you don’t get it, you don’t need to be rude and say that I don’t know how to make websites… but whatever… (just an opinion, lol)

there was no budget for a domain and server for this project… the workaround fixed it though, only took a lot of time.

if you guys are interested I thought I can share a version of the site that I hosted from BSS server, the final one has many many more pictures loaded into it, it works beautifully on any phone, pictures can be swiped too, there was a QR code printed that people could scan and opens up the slide show on their phone. It can be played on a 4k screen too with Chrome in full screen mode, works like a charm and looks awesome :slight_smile:

You can serve your image in free host like surge, github, or cloudinary all of them are free. So you just need to put the link in BSS file then it will decrease your file size significantly :")

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that is what I ended up doing, only it was much more work like that and I was under time pressure…

Not too, imo.
For task like this, i’ll do in BSS with strapi haha, so the content will dynamic and i can add or remove easily via cms, just personal opinion.

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thanks for the suggestions, very cool sites! I had to do it in a hurry and was caught off guard when I ran into the BSS server limit… next time I’ll do better :slight_smile:

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An update to this post:

I got a reply from BSS and they said, the limit is 50mb per site, that makes sense, I can accept that this is the only way they can offer serving 5 websites forever. I still think that this should be clearly noted on their website. there is no mention anywhere to be found about this, neither in the documentation.

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thats not true. I published to my own server and it told me I couldnt I was over the limit. This is totally dumb. Why use the program if ur blocked on using images

If you have your own server, just export the site and upload with FTP software like Filezilla.

Check your server stats and see if you are limited there. I have a handful of clients that have well over 300 images on their websites and I haven’t had any problems uploading to my own server.

raniaamina … how are you implementing this in strapi. if I may ask ? Are you pulling the content with javascript ? If so this seems to have the disadvantage that google wont index this content

Actually, yes. I pull the json data via js then write them in the page.
Yeps, the problem of course is google index, but it can solved if you use jamstack kit like Hugo or something like that. Currently, i not try it yet, but the concept, hugo will render your data first then publish the result as plain html, so Google will index your site well. Hope it help :")

thank you for your reply it was illuminating … I do have experience with both hugo and next.js … parsing JSON in hugo is possible but it does seem to be a lot easier with next.js. Next.js seems a bit better for SEO in general with preloading webpages and some other features I find the go template not so intuitive plus with next.js its all javascript / JSX so easier for me. I am using bootstrap builder to prototype then export /conversion to next.js currently and was curious about strapi… thanks again for your reply

Yeps, Next.js is better for this case if you mastering or at least have some fundamental knowledge.
You’re welcome :")