Website with subpages and 2nd navbar

Hey folks,

is there a recommended way or tutorial to build a website with subpages. The tutorials e.g. tesla and apple website only build one-pagers. Im getting in trouble with linked components - e.g. background should be linked but not the content.

Second question: how can i toogle a sub-navbar for single nav items? e.g. my navbar has 3 items A B and C where A and C have no sub-items. If i click von B i want to show up another navbar below the existing with the sub-items of B.

Best regards, phoeniks

You need to have a better understanding of how websites function. The background is not a linked component, it's set through the body CSS class, which will apply it to all pages in the website because they all have the <body> tag.

Adding pages is done via the Design panel (lower right.) Right click the word Pages and a pop up menu will give you the option to add a page.

After you add the Navbar component click on it and you will see the context menu at the top of the workspace appear. It will have options to Add to Navbar, and the last option is Dropdown. Clicking that will add a dropdown button to the Navigation that you can then toggle open and add items to.

Unfortunately, the tutorials/documentation are not comprehensive, and beginners who have no website experience can have a hard time figuring out all the program's features. Experiment and explore the program and all the menus, panels and interfaces. Read all the tutorials and familiarize yourself with writing CSS. You really need to be able to do that to get the most out of this program. It's not a simple drag-n-drop builder. You do need to have some website building experience to jump right in to Bootstrap Studio.

Thank you very much for your reply. Seems i really was focussed to much on the linked components instead of using css as i would without BSS. So i could solve the problems.