Weird Flexbox Copy/Paste Problem

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I seem to have come across a problem when copy/pasting with flexbox in the options pane. I’ve tried to replicate it with a 2 page site. Both pages are the exact same (index and page-1). I have a nabar and a header. Inside the header is a container with a row and 2 coloums. For the header In the options pane I have set as flex container - flex and align items - center so the container is vertically aligned center (index.html screenshot). If I copy the flexbox settings, go to page-1 (the exact same as the index layout) and paste the settings in they don’t seem to work right.



Also…when you change between pages in the design panel the flexbox settings don’t save and have changed.

Nothing on my end to report for the pasting anomaly, but when you are switching pages, have you clicked outside the setting first to “set” the setting? Not sure why we have to do that all the time, but I do see that we have to in almost all cases of editing attributes and such, whether in the panels or manual text entries.

Not sure if that’s your case, just pointing that out since it’s a bane for me lol.

Justify content align items deve estar diferente, confira todas as opções de todos os dois html.

Yip. Clicked outside to set the options and tried saving before switching pages. The pasted settings seem to get applied to the page but they’re not being applied for all breakpoints like in the first screenshot. Instead the pasted settings are being applied to the current breakpoint which for me is xl (The settings in the 3rd screenshot) :thinking: