What I need from Bootstrap Studio

  • Edit html
  • Import template (I've created a few templates and it sucks not being able to edit/ customize it in Bootstrap Studio.)
  • Thumbnail slider component
  • Video background
  • Components to build a video library
  • More glyphicons (the library doesn't cover the possibility of icons)
  • Find and replace
  • More font options (Google fonts don't have all the fonts in the world, so it would be nice to be able to upload a font from my computer)
  • Prediction for link (this would be a plus if you guys add a prediction element to the links. Because once in a while I might type a word wrong and beat myself up over it only to realize that I have a letter short in my link)
  • Animated options for carousel (my personal favorite is 3D. Yes, I know it can be achieved by a few lines of javascript, but I assume that the incorporation of Bootstrap Studio is to make my life a lot easier)
  • Here's an idea, you know how we can copy a component to another page? Hypothetically, if I copied that component to 21 pages then a few hours later decided to make some changes, I don't want to make changes to 21 pages also. So while a find and replace option would help in this case, can I get a pop up dialogue asking if I wish to make changes on the 21 other pages also? That would be cool.

P.S. I kinda miss coding in dreamweaver but now that I have Bootstrap Studio, I don't want to go back.

Do you guys have a tagline for Bootstrap Studio? Because if you don't, I'm suggesting, "Drag and Drop Heaven"

I'm not a web developer, I'm an end user. I need a skin/template for my professional web site (a bought CMS).

But I want to easily modify its design & improve it regularly, in an easy way.

There are 2 programs for this purpose (that I know): Bootstrap Studio and... another (I bought it w/ addons).

Bootstrap Studio has full control (or almost full, I think it gives me the full control, that is why I bought it).

The second program has less control, but it has ready bootstrap blocks. I don't need to create a template from scratch. I can modify ready-made blocks.

I saw there were plans to add "components for Bootstrap’s modals, tabs, charts, accordion, video and several missing HTML elements". But I'd like more high-level components. For example, Parallax, modern & advanced jQuery slider, advanced layouts (of course I can do them myself, but I can do them in a text editor in such a case), a header w/ buttons, not links, etc.

And I'd like to have a full web site in "New Design". To develop a web site not with "adding a row, adding another row", but "deleting a row and adding a Flickr Feed".

An end user's opinion.

Thank you for the great suggestions, guys!

@shaezonna, I like your suggestions about the different gallery/slider components. Maybe it would be best if we develop these as separate components which can be installed from our gallery. For the search/replace part - you can check out the "Linked Components" feature - it will handle exactly what you need. With it you can Copy a component and choose the "Paste Linked" option. This makes it possible to change the component on one page, and it will be updated everywhere.

Another idea that we have is to auto suggest class names when you write CSS. We can extend this to auto suggest link targets when creating hyperlinks.

@visitor, yes this is important. We need to have more higher-level components. Once we have the basic functionality in place (and we are close, we will ship HTML editing this week and the only things that remain are SASS/LESS editing and Bootstrap 4 support), we will invest time in creating templates and polished components which will act like complete building blocks for designs. We will also make the program easier for none coders to use.

@Martin, Hi.

  • Bootstrap Tour
  • More Themes (if possible)
  • Favicon

would be nice additions to Bootstrap Studio, especially "Bootstrap Tour."

I remember you said you wouldn't add videos as the files can be large, what if you limit us to a 10-15/Sec. duration? Would that help? And the Submit, reset, etc.buttons, will you guys consider doing the JavaScript or PHP codes so the only thing we'll have to do is add the action or email?