What is the minimum knowledge required to use Bootstrap Studio for a newbie

What are the minimum skill sets required for a newbie to use BS Studio effectively especially for creating web application mockups?

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Imo, at least understanding about HTML + CSS basic structure, so you can choose which element or which element/component name that you should use to your work :")

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Bare minimum would be a good familiarity with the program documentation, the videos on their YouTube channel, familiarity with the Bootstrap framework, flexbox and the Bootstrap responsive grid system, as well as the Bootstrap utility classes.

With all the above under their belt, a complete novice could probably put together a decent looking, functional website using nothing but one of the included templates and/or the drag and drop components, and the options available through the program’s UI.

Understanding HTML and basic CSS would be the next step in being able to do things that are not easily achieved through options available in the UI and utility classes alone, as well as making a site that looked substantially different Bootstrap’s stock “look and feel.”

JavaScript and more advanced CSS techniques, as well as SASS, would complete the skills needed to really have total freedom to develop a front-end exactly as one desired.

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