What’s coming in 5.3 [released]

The next version of Bootstrap Studio is going to be 5.3. Here is what we have planned:

  • Detachable Editor panel, which will allow you to make better use of multiple monitors.
  • The ability to select multiple components and edit their options simultaneously.
  • Better indication of what was changed when doing Undo/Redo.
  • Support for robots.txt and ads.txt files.
  • Expand/Collapse All entries in the context menus.

We will ship these features in the coming weeks as they are ready.

Update (2 Sep, 2020) - Bootstrap Studio 5.3.0 was released! It comes with all of the above features, with the exception of editing the options of multiple components at once, and expand/collapse all, which we left for version 5.4.0.