What’s coming in 6.0 [released]

Bootstrap Studio 6 is the latest release series of the app. Here is what we have released already, and what is planned for 6.0.x updates:


  • A new Bootstrap 4 and 5 template.
  • New and improved UI components.
  • Searching in all panels of the app.
  • View Cart ecommerce component.
  • Enhanced Appearance panel.
  • Downloading Google Fonts locally on export.
  • Improved text editing, with ability for choosing text and background colors, and sub/sup formatting.
  • A Lottie component for embedding rich web animations.
  • Minor improvements suggested on the forum.

We will release these features over the next few weeks as they’re ready.

Update (Jun 1, 2022) - We released Bootstrap Studio 6.0.3 with the last 3 items on the list above. With this everything planned for 6.0 has been released and we are moving on to 6.1