What’s coming in 6.1 [released]

Version 6.1 is going to be the next major update of Bootstrap Studio. Here is what we have planned:

  • Resizing components in the stage. Columns, images, icons and more will have a resize handle, letting you quickly shrink/enlarge them by dragging.
  • A dark version of the Bold & Bright template.
  • Improvements to the Appearance panel - the style dropdown will let you edit media queries, intelligently apply states like :hover, :focus, :active and more.
  • Visual tools for editing background-filter.
  • A new Parallax Zoom animation for zooming background images on scroll.
  • Minor improvements suggested on the forum.

We will release these features over the coming weeks in 6.1.x updates.

Update (Sep 6 2022): All planned features have been released. We are proceeding to version 6.2.