what will happen to "asset" folder when exporting multiple pages for one site?

Hi all,

I'm curious what will happen when I try to export multiple pages for my site. Will they be overwritten or somehow merged to the existing one intelligently? And do I have to change anything when I upload my site the server?

Best, Ben

No problems with a multiple pages site and you have nothing to change before uploading everything (html and assets) to your server. Maybe you could add a few things to you exported folder, like a favicon.ico, a sitemap.xml and a robots.txt and of course you have to verify that all images and video are not too heavy, but nothing specific to BSS. Dont' forget that if you modify the exported HTML (you could use atom.io that has specific bootstrap support) to add php code etc. that won't be saved in you bss project, so every time you export your website you will have to change the html files again.

As for whether or not it will overwrite your files will depend on how you have your FTP program set up. I am not sure yet how the upload works in BSS as I'm still on vacation and haven't had a chance to try the new version yet, but when you "export" that doesn't upload, that will export the files to a location on your computer where you can upload them yourself. Then you can choose in your FTP program whether or not you want it to merge or replace it, or whatever settings your FTP program provides for it.

I would "assume" that when you use the internal uploaded in BSS it would be like most other programs with upload capabilities in that it would overwrite the files, or it may have settings that ask you want to do. Check the settings for that feature and see if there are any that you can set for your preference on it.

Thank you guys. However, I guess my question for overwriting is that how many asset folder(s) is(are) generated from multiple pages when exporting each page. If one, does it contain all CSS and js files that works for all pages (no overwritten previous pages with most recent page exported)?

Thanks again, Ben

Right now when you export it exports all pages and assets needed, there isn't the ability to export a single page at a time, but they are working on something for that.

When you export it creates all the pages in a root folder and an assets folder that contains folders for all the rest of the items you need for the site. It doesn't export single asset folders for each page, it's all in one. That may not be the case later when the single page export is added.

Thank you, Jo. That's very clear.