What's coming in 2.2 [released]

Version 2.2 is going to be the next release of Bootstrap Studio. Here are the features we plan to build for it:

  • Custom Code components (link). This was originally planned for version 2.1 but we couldn't finish it in time. We will add it in this release.
  • Improved Add To Library dialog. We will add the ability to include JavaScript and edit the CSS when creating a user component. This will make it much easier to extract components from your page and add them to the library.
  • New components. We will add components for Bootstrap's modals, tabs, maps, accordion, video and several missing HTML elements.
  • Search and replace in the CSS editor.

The target release date for version 2.2 is the week of February 29th.

Released on March 3rd. The new components and search and replace weren't ready in time and didn't make it in the release. We will launch them in the upcoming minor 2.2.X releases next week.