What's coming in 2.4 [released]

Version 2.4 is going to be the next release of Bootstrap Studio. Here are the features and enhancements that are planned:

  • Rich library of built-in components. Things like headers, layouts, galleries, forms, footers and more.
  • New Export dialog (see the thread).
  • Global meta tags, shared by all pages.
  • The usual dose of bugfixes and other minor improvements.

Released on September 5th with the following features:

  • Added 40 beautiful built-in components to the library. We will add even more in the future.
  • You can now edit the "style" attribute of elements from the Style tab.
  • You can now Label components. Labels appear in the Overview panel.
  • Improved performance of the app when Preview is running.
  • Improved component tooltips. More text is shown and links are clickable.
  • Bugfixes and other minor improvements.

The new export dialog and meta tags weren't ready in time. We will ship them in the upcoming 2.4.* updates in the course of the next few weeks.