What's coming in 2.5.X [released]

Version 2.5.0 added a major new feature - Website Publishing, which allows you to upload your design to Bootstrap Studio servers as a static website with a single click. In the next several weeks, we will release a number of updates containing the following features:

  • Built-in support for scroll animations. You will be able to select if/how elements are animated when they are scrolled into view.
  • "Play" button for CSS animations, so that constantly running animations don't get in the way when designing, but still being able to preview them.
  • Parallax component
  • Ability to add custom HTML in the HEAD tag.
  • Copy to enhancements
  • Bugfixes

We released version 2.5.1 on January 5th 2017, which added built-in support for scroll animations and a play button for CSS animations. Version 2.5.2 was released on January 18th 2017, and brought support for custom HTML in the HEAD tag and a "Copy To Multiple" dialog. Version 2.5.3 was released on February 8th 2017 and added parallax animations, improved CSS searching and enhancements to image importing.

The next version is going to be 2.6.