What's coming in 2.6 [released]

Version 2.6 is going to be the next release of Bootstrap Studio. In it, we will add the following features:

  • Visual editing of CSS properties in the Options panel. This is going to be built on top of the current CSS editor, so every change that you make in the Options is going to be synced as a CSS property. See the forum discussion here.
  • Google Font browser for easy font installation.
  • Comments and voting for online components.
  • Other small features, optimizations and bugfixes.

We expect 2.6 to be finished around March 20th. The visual CSS editing functionality is a big undertaking, and if it takes more time than planned, we may leave the other features for 2.6.X releases.

It was released on March 29th. Not everything made it in the release - the Font dialog and commenting/voting on online components will be left for upcoming 2.6.x updates over the next few weeks.

Version 2.6.1 was released on April 4th with a number of bugfixes and minor improvements. Version 2.6.2 was released on April 24th with the new Font Import dialog.

2.6.3 was released in mid May, and brought performance improvements and optimizations to Online and User components.

2.6.4 was released on June 26th with improvements to the online components, voting and commenting.

2.6.5 is going to be our next release. It is expected around July 24th, and will contain a number of features and improvements that were suggested in the forums. Version 2.6.5 was getting rather large, so instead we released 2.7.0 on August 11th.

This concludes our 2.6.0 series of releases.