What's coming in 4.1.X [released]

The next version of Bootstrap Studio is going to be 4.1. Here is what we have planned for it:

  • SCSS support. You will be able to create scss files in the Styles group and edit them in a code editor, similar to how JS is handled now.
  • Beautiful built-in Bootstrap 4 templates.
  • Several small features and usability improvements which have been suggested in the forums, like an ability to scale the UI of the program, choosing a custom Preview port and more.

Update (Feb 6th, 2018): The release of Bootstrap 4 final took priority, and we included the framework in Bootstrap Studio 4.1. We also took the opportunity to rewrite some long standing issues with text editing in the application. We will launch the features that were originally planned for 4.1 in the upcoming 4.1.X releases during the next few weeks.

Update (March 6th, 2018): We've released Bootstrap Studio 4.1.3 with SCSS support. Next up is template support.

Update (April 5th, 2018): We launched version 4.1.5 with template support. We will leave the scaling setting for 4.2.0 as it will be more complex than we thought.