What's coming in 4.3 [released]

Version 4.3 is going to be the next release of Bootstrap Studio. For it, we are planning the following features and improvements:

  • Auto backup. The app will take periodic snapshots of your designs, so that they can be restored in case something goes wrong, or if you wish to restore an earlier version.
  • Ability to set favicons, preview images and progressive web app manifests.
  • A powerful Chart component.
  • A pretty new template.

We will ship these in the coming weeks in 4.3.X releases as they’re ready.

Update (November 4th, 2018): A few other features took priority over what we originally planned. We will release the above functionality when it's ready.

Update (November 23, 2018): Auto backup is here!

Update (January 18th, 2019): SEO & Progressive Web App settings are here! The Chart component and the template will be added in one of our upcoming 4.4.X releases.