What's coming in 4.4 [released]

In the 4.4.0 release, we introduced Commenting and bumped the Bootstrap framework versions. Here is what other features we have planned for the upcoming updates:

  • New components - Spinner, Toast, Chart and more.
  • Search and replace in your entire design.
  • Image resizing which will optimize the size/resolution of your images.
  • New template.

We will ship these features in 4.4.X updates whenever they're ready.

(Updated on 22 Feb 2019): Version 4.4.3 is out, and It brings the powerful Search and replace functionality, updates to Bootstrap & Font Awesome, and more.

(Updated on 09 April 2019): Version 4.4.5 is out, and It enhanced the attributes form, improved the find and replace dialog and unlocked a number of components.

(Updated on 22 May 2019): We decided to move the remaining features in a new release series, starting with version 4.5.0. In it, we launched image resizing and the new Chart component. The template will be part of one of the upcoming 4.5.* updates.