What's coming in 4.5 [released]

In the 4.5.0 release, we introduced Charts and image resizing during import. Here is what other features we have planned for the upcoming updates:

  • Improved panel focus and keyboard shortcuts. This will enable keyboard navigation and the ability to select files in the Design panel and just hit Delete to remove them.
  • Custom fonts. You will be able to import a web font to use in the app, and it will be properly exported.
  • Automatic src/href replacement when images are moved or renamed.
  • A pretty new Admin template which uses the new Chart component.

We will ship these features in 4.5.X updates whenever they’re ready.

Update (20 June 2019): We released version 4.5.1 today which brought the ability to rearrange files and user components via drag and drop, alongside a new admin template.

Update (19 July 2019): We released version 4.5.2 with automatic src/href replacement when images are moved or renamed, alongside a number of other improvements.

Update (20 September 2019): We released version 4.5.4 with custom fonts, device sizes and more.

Update (18 November 2019): We released version 4.5.8 with improved focus, css cleanup and other enhancements. This concludes the 4.5 series. We'll share our plans for what's coming next soon.