When create a new page, how to keep header nav and footer?

I want to keep the header info and footer info when I create a new page. Is there anyone know how to do? Many many thanks!

Just copy component to new page(s) and make sure you have linked copies checked, that way any changes you make on one page goes to all instances on the other pages


Many thanks!
If I changed on page, all page I need to change?

??? De heck u even mean there man, Richards explained u all so clearly and u still ask the question he did answer? Check the documentation on how linked components works, jeez.

By linking component all changes go anywhere where is the linked component. Doesnt really matter on which page it is, it will change everywhere where it is

Many thanks!
I have done it:)

No worries, but next time just check the documentation, theres most of needed informations about how to use all BSS features, for real man. I’m sorry if i did sound like some mad person, but Im just kinda annoyed how ppl are lazy here waiting for ppl bring them all solutions to basic features of BSS which are explained pretty well in the documentation. Just check next time it will save time for all of us.

Have fun :slight_smile: