When removing block associated files are not cleaned up

I'm new to this, and trying out some different components, my site is becoming a mess though as when I add a new component, css, image and javascript files are added, but when I delete it, they are not removed and just remained there orphaned? Am I doing something wrong? Is there an easy way to clean this up?

There's not really anything your doing wrong. Probably the easiest thing to do is not just drag/drop component after component. If you drag/drop a component but don't want to use it then use the undo button at the top left before you add any others. That will help keep it cleaner.

If you use a component and do an edit or add another, how would it really know that you didn't intend to keep any parts of the component when you delete it. Would kind of be a bummer if you brought in a component and liked one of the images, used it in some other area of your site then deleted the component and now you also lost the image you want.


Understand your point Saj - maybe when deleting a component that has linked resources, it could display a dialog similar to the create custom component one allowing you to tick/until resources imported with the component that may no longer be needed. Anyway knowing how it works I'll need to be more careful as you suggest in how I add them.