When switching tabs remember placement of cursor

When switching tabs it would be very useful if the page did not refresh to the top. It would be great if the cursor remained in whatever line you last left it when you switched tabs.

I searched, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I am pretty sure this was already asked for, but since I can't find the post I am raising my hand on this one too.

I would also like to add another issue with the opened editor tabs which is that there is no way to reach tabs that go past the end of the editor width. They just disappear even though they are already opened. We really need a way to do that so that we can either scroll back and forth in them or have them use up multiple rows or something so we can get to all tabs that are open. I've had a few times already in the past month where I've had to do things in small increments on multiple pages or multiple Custom Code boxes, and many times it's much more than that box size can handle.

On a mac magic mouse if I hover over the tabs and swipe left or right the tabs move to reveal hidden tabs. But this is not good enough.

Thank you for reporting this issue! Just to be clear - is this about the tabs on the top, which switch opened designs, or those on the bottom, which control the editors?

@Jo, scrolling with your mouse wheel/touch pad while your cursor is above the tabs should scroll them. Does it work for you? Also, on a related note, did you have any luck with the clipboard manager with the 2.6.3 update?

Yes it does thanks Bolora and Martin, that is something I hadn't tried. Appreciate the pointer there.

The scrolling of the code area though is what Bolora is talking about if it's the same thing I have issues with which I do. When you have multiple tabs open in the Styles area for Custom Code or JS, every time you switch tabs the editor goes back to the top of the code. I've tried putting my cursor in spots on where I've scrolled down which usually works for most apps as they tend to go by where your cursor is located, but that doesn't matter here. The window always goes back to the top of the code.

This was what I was talking about when I had originally asked for line numbers. Anything at all to just be able to more easily get back to where I was when I am trying to compare code files or looking for something in one to put in another. As soon as you switch tabs, you have lost your place unless it's a short file and you can find the cursor lol.

This doesn't happen in CSS files for me, but it does it in Custom Code and JS files.

+1 for feature