When you copy and paste test it placed a

Its really frustrating when i want to move text from one text box to another i would usually copy and paste but with BS Studio it seems to place random BR and even though they are not doing anything i want my code to be clean and not pointless etc! Please see the img below!

enter image description here

I get this issue. When pasting text a blank line above and below will be inserted but no <br> tag is. It's frustrating but I got used to it. When exporting files, I always go through and clean up any code.

I totally agree. I actually created a macro with my Logitech controller software which removes those returns from the text with the press of one G Key...smiles.

With my site...I was adding about 300 images to my gallery and automated the code-writing in the same manner...writing a macro to do the repetitive strokes. Works like a charm.

Take a look at my gallery. It DOES take a long time to load with all those images, but I like the results. Nearly all of the images are 800X height or width, and I have reduced the quality all I care to so I can maintain a better resolution of the image for my customers.


Anyway...I like the way everything turned out so far.


No i get the blank line above and below and then once i remove it there is a <br/> tag below and that is something i cant remove but it does not do anything because the / is there but still i'd like this awesome team and BS Studio to fix it!!!!

Wow, it does take a long time but i really like the gallery!!! How did you do the lightbox bit?


@Heinekn: Wow you really really REALLY need to take pity on people and make a landing page that does NOT load every dang image on the site when they first get there! You will lose a ton of traffic and it takes so long to load that it's useless even to your customers to have to sit and wait that long for that page to load.

Make a duplicate of the page without the images in it, just the list of categories and let them decide where to go from there. Other than that I haven't tested anything on a phone, you will find yourself in major trouble if you have not resized things for phones and people go to the page you have now and use up 90% of their data just loading that one page. That would totally make me leave your site and never return!

"You" may like how it turned out, but your users will not, and that's a 100% guarantee.

@jackh: Can you give some more detail here on what it is you are doing to copy and paste the text? I just copied text within a paragraph, dragged a new paragraph to go beneath that one, then double clicked within that paragraph and pasted the text. I don't get any extra break tag at all, usually the most I get is an extra space which I just delete if the content will be centered. No extra break shows up at all for me. Please elaborate on what steps you are taking that are creating these breaks.


Here is a GIF of what i do enter image description here

@Jo do you work for BS Studio or something?


lol no jackh, just used to asking questions in order to try to replicate for testing stuff. I have another question. When you do the "select all", what method are you using? In other words:

Ctrl+A Double Click till it selects all Edit Menu > Select All

Not sure this matters, but I've tried all 3 ways and I cannot replicate this at all. I don't get those breaks when I paste text. Very baffling this one. Also could be tied to the type of element you are using. Is that a Card or a Well or ...? Let me know that and I'll try that as well.

What version of the app are you on? Probably most recent, but best to be sure so we know it's the current version doing this to you. You may also want to put a ticket in on this issue as well because I do think it's a fairly isolated thing as you 2 are the only ones I've ever seen report this. I did report the extra non breaking space that shows up after some text when pasting fully selected areas, but that's the worst I've seen so far, haven't seen any line breaks show up as of yet.

Hi Jo, I use Ctrl + A then press the delete key then go Ctrl + V

I am using the latest version and it does it with all text boxes so paragraphs, headings, buttons etc so its very strange!

Where is the ticket area?


Click the Contact Us on the menu

One thing I forgot ... I'm on a Mac, are you? If you're on Windows (TOM TOO) that could be the issue then that it's a Windows version issue. Let them know that and put a link to this thread as well so they can read what's already been discussed on it.

Here is the way to fix the bulk of the problem…

Install Notepad++ or any other decent text editor.

Open the text or paste it into a N++ window/file

From the toolbar choose the “Show Characters”. Most likely every line/sentence is end with [CR][LF].

Choose replace from the menu…“Search Mode” Extended–>Find \r replace with nothing.

Now you’ll see that each line ends with a [LF] only.

Paste that text into a paragraph or whatever and I promise you will have a lot less cleanup.

(Geek Speak) [CR] is a “carriage return” [LF] is a “line feed”. That’s the standard ending in windows files. [LF] is standard for *nix.