Where are image files stored locally in Windows?

Hi, When i imported a template, there were folders: “avatars”, “tech”, and “scenery”. I wanted to do folder management and just have one folder called “Images” and store my imported images in that folder. However, i can’t seem to find where the studio stores these folders and images.

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Hiya Srimanth and welcome to the forums!

BSS doesn’t store folders and image files etc in accessible locations. It has a proprietary file system meaning that it saves a single file that has the full site and structure setup within it. To access the files you export your design. Once exported though, no changes can be made outside the app or they won’t be detected when you go back to the app to make new changes. The app won’t recognize your external changes made.

The file system is setup specifically the way Bootstrap sets up files. If you import them into the app then the files will be as such:

Main directory: HTML files, Assets folder
Assets Folder: images folder, css folder, js folder, etc.

This is the system that works best with Bootstrap and hence works that way with BSS.

It would be quite a lot of work to try to maintain it in any other organized manner as every time you export they will be in the form as shown above again and you’ll have to reorganize again, not to mention all the link changes for nav and links in pages.

Best scenario is to get used to the new file system. Once you get used to it, it’s second nature to know exactly where everything is once you export it.

Hope that helps and again, welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the response. Does this mean that i can only create static websites? I was intending to include these html files into my aspx web pages. But, if i export them, then every time i do a change in my code, i have to constantly keep exporting and re-including these html files into my project?

The only time you will need to reexport them is when you change the files in Bootstrap Studio. If nothing needs changing on these pages then you’re fine, but …

If you should need to change any of the files you exported, you will need to make those changes within the Bootstrap Studio app if you want to be able to make changes again later. In other words, if you make changes to the pages ‘after’ you export them, you will have to remain doing those changes outside of BSS, because BSS does not recognize that you make changes anywhere except within it’s app.

If you change your other code, and it doesn’t affect the HTML pages, then no, you won’t need to do anything with the pages at all. Hopefully that makes sense.

For the most part the main thing to take away here is:

  1. You can create websites with BSS, then export them and upload them for your site.
  2. You can import HTML pages, but doing so you will not have drag and drop ability, you will have to do all code within the app (kind of makes BSS useless for that so don’t bother).
  3. Bootstrap Studio saves all of it’s site info into one single file which includes anything you have imported such as images and js and css.
  4. Changes made to the exported pages outside of BSS will not ever be recognized by BSS.
  5. If you make changes outside of BSS and then you make changes inside BSS and export and put these files into your site, you will end up overwriting any of the changes you made externally with a text editor. It cannot read external changes so you would lose them.

Hope that’s more clear for you.

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This makes total sense now. Thanks a lot for explaining. I am new to all of this and purchased the annual licence thinking it would make my life easier. Am aware that BSS itself is a great tool, but doesn’t really serve my purpose of integrating html pages with back end code to drive much of the functionality.

As an example, there are beautiful login pages, but i need to integrate them with the backend and do some logic. So, inevitably, i would have to change the files. I am guessing that whatever changes i need on these files, i will make those in BSS itself, so when i export, they’ll always be there. But, that would be a nightmare as you are bound to make changes on the go when you are debugging the app.

Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it.

No problem, good luck in your adventures wherever they take you :slight_smile:

Bootstrap Studio is a tool for building websites specifically with the Bootstrap Framework, which is itself designed to create static (non-database-driven), responsive, “front-end” websites. The program has virtually no “back end” capabilities, nor is it advertised as such.

Unfortunately, I think many people buy it without trying out the online demo version, which gives you a pretty good idea of what the program’s capabilities and limitations are.

Another unfortunate “double-edge sword” is that although the Bootstrap Studio forums have numerous posts from people discussing the lack of back-end capabilities, they are private (a necessary trade-off to prevent spammers), and thus can only be accessed by users after they buy and register the BSS software. So it’s hard to learn much about this program from the veteran users until you actually buy it, and have access to the forums.

There was (maybe still is) a Facebook group someone started for BSS, but it was done by someone (I think ) in central America, and it never got much a following other than people looking for cracks and serial numbers so they could steal the program. There was virtually NO moderation. I quit the group after a few months because my complaints about people trying to pirate the program through the FB group went ignored.

I’m confused. The forum is public facing, people can already view and search the forum as non-members.

I would have to agree with BSS_User here, the forums are already readable by all, so if anyone with any amount of knowledge, wanted to know if something had issues, or was compatible, or even just see what the most recent comments and issue reports are wanted to find them, it’s all open for them to read. Anyone looking to find info on the app can get here from the website easily, and has full access to read anything in the forums. Also, just a side note, the FAQ does show distinctly that importing HTML files/themes/templates will take away the use of drag and drop. So … other than that that information should be straight up on the site’s info on the app itself, it is there. Just thought I’d pass that on as well. :slight_smile:

The forums are private though, but only in that you cannot post in them unless you are a registered software owner of BSS. It’s all good that way I think :slight_smile:

This is revelatory. I knew only registered users could post to the BSS Forums, but I always though only registered users could see the forums. I have edited my prior post.

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