Where to store and display .pdf files?

New to web design and BS Studio! Designing first site!

How would I go about storing .pdf files and displaying them using BSS?

I can not find a component that looks like it does anything with pdf’s.

I have been looking for a detailed BSS 6.x user manual. Any suggestions on where to find one?


You can get to the Docs via either the link at the top of the site here, or within BSS when you first load it and I think maybe from the Help menu too. Unfortunately it won’t cover that as BSS doesn’t provide a way to use them. Try a search here on the forums for PDF and I’m sure you’ll find lots of posts about it and I know I did post something on how to go about it a few times on the forums.

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jo-r, Thanks for your info on this! :sunglasses:

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One way to do it is to store your pdfs on google drive (you will need a google account)

Then you can get the embed code as an iframe and drop it into your page

something like this:

<iframe src="https://drive.google.com/file/yourfile/preview" width="640" height="480" allow="autoplay"></iframe>

Great idea! I can probably use this for some archives!!

Thank you :sunglasses:

Hmm I hadn’t thought about the location of the files being uploaded. @richards idea would definitely be best if you are hosting on the BSS hosting, but if you have your own account with access to upload files then you can just link to them directly rather than needing to use an iframe.

Another good idea - Thanks!