Whislist for Bootstrapstudio (more CSS3 properties and HTML5 input elements)

Dear support,

I would really like it if you: Added CSS3 animations Added Background video Added Parallax background Added CSS3 outline Added CSS3 position Added All the HTML5 input elements and attributes Added CSS3 Rounded Corners Added CSS3 Border Images Added CSS3 Multiple Backgrounds Added Colors (RGBA, HSL, HSLA, Opacity) Added CSS3 Gradients Added CSS3 Text Shadow Added CSS3 Box Shadow Added CSS3 Text Effects Added CSS3 2D Transforms Added CSS3 3D Transforms Added CSS3 Transitions Added CSS3 The object-fit Property Added CSS3 Multiple Columns Added CSS3 User Interface (resize and outline-offset) Added CSS3 Variables (var) Added CSS3 Box-Sizing

I hope that you this CSS3 properties and HTML form input element implement in the Bootstrapstudio Kind regards Stephane

I recommend you explore the program in greater depth, because some of the things you've requested here are already incorporated...

CSS Animations - check out the animation tab on the upper right of the program window. While it does not have every possible type of animation, it's still pretty good. Parallax Background - there is a Parallax Background component found under UI > Media RGBA/Opacity is supported in the color palate CSS Multiple Columns - kinda unnecessary in Bootstrap

Many of these items are supported through Bootstrap classes, and all of them are supported directly in the stylesheets.