Whitespace on side of mobile

hi all,

On the mobile version of my site when it initially loads everything appears fine.

However if I swipe a little to the left a small ~3px width whitespace appears along the right side of the window down the lenght of the page.

All the elements are inline but when I click a dropdown the dropdown menu pushes the entire page the left and the dropdown menu appears over whitespace.

Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong here or what some common causes to this problem are? I know it can vary but I am wondering if there are any common themes to this problem.

I think my problem lies in that I cant seem to figure out how to get my container to fill the entire page even with "fluid" selected.

The body has a 0px css setting. When I insert -15px it fills the page but I am still left with the problem that when I swipe left a whitespace is left on the right side of the page.

I tried editing my above comment but couldnt.

I deleted all the padding and such... once I did this I was not left with a whitespace on the side.

So I had some elements with improper margins and paddings.

However, I would still like the content in my sections to fill the entire width of the page. My container is full width, but the contents inside have about 5px margins on each side that I would like to remove. Any idea how to make all the content full width?

Turned out the padding of the container was 15 px on the left and right. I set these to zero and both problems were solved. Does anyone know what the containers had 15px padding on the inside even though I didnt set them to have that? I'm using a blank template

for questions like this it's often a good idea to provide the url of the project you're working on

By default, containers have 15px left and right padding, as explained here