Why btn-primary locked in button?

I want to change color of button to btn-success. I did it like this and wonder if this is the right way to do it? Naturally I would just change btn-primary to btn-success but it is locked.

In the tab on the side you have these options for primary, secondary, etc…

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You change it in the button options on the right hand side of the screen



Beat me to a screenshot and explanation.
Right when I was going to post it lol

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Thank you very much. I know now how to do it. Would be nice tought if I could change it directly.

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A fun way to make a button with a customizable class is by using a link.

Add the classes btn btn-success, or btn-outline-success it does take away the option to change the Button Type and Size from the option panel, but you can add that manually in the attribute panel.
Small Button : btn-sm
Large Button : btn-lg
Button Type:
Key : type
Value : button, submit or reset

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