Why is the program so slow on my pc?

why is the program so slow on my pc? I can see on left top: bootstrap 5 (not responding)

shouldn’t be bootstrap 6.4.5 (not responding)?

Sorry that you’ve run into problems! Can you try reinstalling/resetting the app? You can learn how this is done here: Reinstalling Bootstrap Studio | Bootstrap Studio

what will happen to the website files?

Let say I do uninstall it, how then can I get the program a download link to install it again?

you didn’t answer this: what will happen to the website files?

Nothing unless you save your designs in the C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Roaming\bstudio\ directory

Hello, I have done that, to no avail same slowness issue; even when saving! it takes for ever!

Hello anyone please!

Thank you for everyone not been helpful! So much for a forum!

I suggest contacting the BSS team directly (top menu, “Contact Us”) to work with this issue. No answers doesn’t mean no help, it just means no one has experienced this issue and therefore has no answer. You’ll find the forum is more based on help with the software usage, rather than software issues. Good luck with it and let us know how it goes if you want to. :slight_smile:


How big is your .bsdesign file. If your design contains hundreds of pictures and each picture has a size of 1Mb or more, many imported javascript libraies, big json files etc… instead of link them exterally. That will slow down Bootstrap Studio on any computer.

hello, thank you for your view!. My site is way under 20… I have decided to open the studio as an administrator and it seems to work a lot better! why is that, do you know?

Read this to start with

thank you!
I have done all steps but still only as an administrator works better. Just to mention, before the last updated It wasn’t that slow!

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Yesterday and today, using Bootstrap Studio I noticed a great slowdown and high consumption of computer resources.
Today I noticed this again, it was when I had a click, I was going to deactivate the site preview, so the program started working faster again.

I have found that having the preview window open while editing a website almost always slows down the program. And longer you have it open, the slower it gets. Closing the preview will sometimes restore some speed, but other times it won’t.

I’m convinced there are memory leaks in Bootstrap Studio, and have been since the late 5.x versions.

Sometimes, after extended sessions, or if I open multiple websites, I can see that one instance of the Bootstrap Studio.exe process in Windows Task Manager will continue to grow in size, using up more and more memory the longer it stays open (often it will hog well close to two gigabytes.)

This was not the case with the earlier 5.x versions of the software (before 5.7 or so.) Not only that, but quitting the program will often leave a single instance of Bootstrap Studio.exe running, and I can tell
that it’s still running even without opening Windows Task Manager because my CPU temps are displayed in my system tray, and when Bootstrap Studio “hangs”, my core temps will rise about 10 degrees, and remain that way until I force quit the hung process.

Obviously as a program becomes more sophisticated, and has more and more features, it’s going to require more resources, and often a more robust platform (faster CPU, more RAM, etc.), but Bootstrap Studio definitely changed somewhere around the 5.7 to 5.9 versions from a very fast and lean program, to a resource hog.

I mentioned this many times on the forum without any real resolution. Eventually, I just relegated myself to the fact that I have to reboot my machine every few hours when I am using Bootstrap Studio for extended periods.

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We are aware of these issues. The problem is that reproduction is difficult - these slowdowns occur after using the app for a prolonged time and it’s not clear what triggers it. We will fix this eventually, each release sees performance fixes behind the scenes so it’s a matter of time until we track down everything.


Unfortunately, I’m stuck on Windows 7 for now, so cannot benefit from bug fixes in future versions.

I see a couple of critical points that may cause slowdown:

  • large DOM / website structure
  • undo history
  • linked components between subpages
  • large graphics embedded in the BSS project
  • SASS compiler (or a large CSS file resulting from compilation)