Why My Media Query Does Not Work?


Recently I got a problem regarding the media query for my website.

I'm trying to change the height depends to the min width and I added media query for the section.

I have set the height for the particular width and immediately background image height changes, however, when I click anywhere else on the bootstrap changes were reverted. Even thought the media query I created exists in the css, the change that I want is not there.

I can delete and add this particular media query again and see the results but when I try to save it or click somewhere else, changes reverted again.

I couldn't find any solution for this problem.

Can you help me with this please?

Thank you

Edit : I found the problem. I was editing the wrong .css

When you click the Create button, it creates a section from not the main style.css, but for other .css file.

When you lick the Create button, you need to choose in that dropdown what file you want to edit. Then it will remember that file until next session when you'll need to make that choice again. This gives you the ability to edit any CSS file directly without having to open them all up, just a bit of a short cut in a sense. But ... yes ... it's very confusing when you first learn it as there's nothing there telling you to choose a file so it will automatically choose the last one you chose or will just start adding code to the HTML instead of a CSS file. Good to get in a habit of choosing the CSS file soon after you open the program so you don't end up with a lot of inline CSS files that you don't want. :)

It is a bit confusing for starters for sure. I thought bootstrapstudio has a bug on that scenario but then I realised I changed another css. I will take into account your suggestion, thank you :)