Why Won't My Export Use CDN?

When exporting my design, I enabled using CDN for libraries. However, when I export the design, it uses a local copy of bootstrap.min.css.

I compared the CDN and local copies using diff and there were no differences. I also did a MD5 checksum against the two files and they came back the same.

I could manually change the HTML to use the CDN copy but I want to see if I did anything wrong.

Do you guys know of anything I could’ve done to force BS to use a local copy of bootstrap.min.css instead of the CDN copy?

Maybe if you are using a custom theme then it will be a local copy of the css rather than using CDN.

No, I’m not using a custom theme.

And in the export directory, there’s no other CSS except for bootstrap.min.css. And the local bootstrap.min.css is an exact copy of the CDN version (minus some minor differences).

If it has some ‘minor differences’ then it is not the same as the CDN version

The CDN version has a bit of code that’s commented out:

/*# sourceMappingURL=bootstrap.min.css.map */

Besides for this, there’s no difference between my local version and the CDN version.

Sorry that you’ve run into issues! If you’ve used a template when creating your design (basically everything other than Blank), then a local copy of Bootstrap is used since it contains the theme modifications which do not exist in the official bootstrap css.

If you’ve used the Blank preset when creating your design, the CDN option should work for Bootstrap. If this isn’t the case, it will help us a lot if you can send us a bsdesign file so we can investigate.

The developer was able to confirm the bug and the issue was corrected in the latest version.