Will the Bootstrapstudio.io Included Hosting Support PHP & SQLite?

I would like to make my own version of a website like this: https://irunmaps.com It takes the workouts on iFit.com and makes them searchable in a much better way than the iFit website or their apps offer.

On https://irunmaps.com you can search by all kinds of things to come up with your selection of workouts. The searchable things include things like type of workout, distance, time, trainer, etc. My thought is to store all of that info into a database along with the URL that goes with the workout, then it would be searchable. However, I really don’t know how to pull this info back out with a web interface.

My initial web searches have led me to believe that this might be accomplished with PHP & SQLite, but I’m not even sure about that. I am open to suggestions for the simplest software stack.

Does the included hosting option provided with a paid version of BoostrapStudio.io support PHP & SQLite or other good options for this?

Thank you! I really appreciate your time & input!!

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No, the bss hosting is just simple html produced by bss, no database or php.

Have you looked to see if ifit offer an API that you can get the information from?

Thank you for the info. That’s kind of what I suspected. So far, I haven’t found an API that would work.

Anybody have any suggestions on a good technology stack to go with my BS page for this project?

Search under term “site scrapping”; it’s a whole project what you intent to do; one of the python exercises is such a thing! You can even do it with php etc.
I only wonder if it’s legitimate to keep other site’s info under your own brand! What about images? A cross-reference stills doesn’t sound legit - I’m not a lawyer anyway…

On Youtube there are thousands of videos on how to exercise to gain muscle, you can use youtube’s API to search and play videos: It shouldn’t be difficult to implement on your site
here is an example

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@kuligaposten I am trying to get data specifically from ifit.com, not Youtube. Thank you though.

@cent Good questions. Did you have a specific site for the Python & PHP info that you can share?