Window size not kept

Build 4.4.9 Windows 10 Pro - 1920 by 1080

Open program - Started in part Windowed Mode (Like a half cm gap around it) Press Maximize Screen and it goes full screen. Close program and reopen, setting not saved.

This isn't a BSS bug. Windows OS controls the location and size of application windows. Next time, maximize that app and hold the control key down as you click on the "X" to close the program. Then run it again and see if it opens in the same place/size. Alternately, you can right click the program icon, choose "properties" and select Run: Maximized in the drop down menu.

It is a BSS bug. All other applications on my machine respect the window size checking. Heck I even tested with MS Visual Studio Code. I also should not have to edit a shortcut to launch the program in whatever window mode I require. It should be respected in the settings. I then installed as a new APP on another machine and it does exactly the same thing.

Both shortcuts are set as "Normal Window" MS Visual Studio Code respects my final saved window BSS Does not and defaults to Window Mode even if program was quit in maximised mode.

This isn't a bug, they just didn't program it to do it I believe. A bug is programming something to do something and it doesn't do it. Or there was no programming was for something and it's doing it anyways. If they didn't program it to do it and it's not doing it's not a bug.

By the way, CTRL+clicking X doesn't save the window size.