Windows 8 32bit

Hello, Just bought your last version. There was no indication about Windows 64/32 bit.
So i have downloaded and clicked on the installation file but it’s asking for a 64 bit Windows OS.
Is there any 32 bit version?
Why this is not clearly written on the website?

Most doing work with their PC have long since upgraded to win 10.

Nothing wrong with 8 we still have 1 left and it runs everything just fine, it is air-gapped from the internet so security is not an issue. If you are on the internet it would be best to upgrade to Win 10 or run Ubuntu. Bootstrap studio runs very well on Ubuntu, pretty sure even Ubuntu dropped 32 bit versions a while back, you can still download older versions that are just fine.

We stopped producing 32bit versions of Bootstrap Studio starting with version 5.0. This solved a large number of stability issues and simplified how we develop and test the app. If you don’t have other computers where you can install Bootstrap Studio or you don’t plan on upgrading to a 64bit os, you can reach out to us for a refund.