Won't save

the bootstrap studio doesn't save my work after importing bulk pictures (40 pics) in 5 different galleries. I had to redesign the whole thing twice already but It just won't save. I tried to save as... or get a backup but it doesn't save my work. if I close the app again I will lose everything! anyone with similar issues? any suggestions?

I am having the same problems

Please don't post in multiple places just because someone else did lol. :P One place is plenty.

But even though I posted elsewhere, we I saw this post, I realized that I was having the same problem with importing images.

@Conrad, if you need that sorted out do something helpful for the dev: FInd a way to recreate the issue you describe. BTW, I never had it, and I use BSS from the first week it was launched. On Windows 10 w/ 16GB ram and Intel i7processor. All legit and fully updated.

It could be too many images or something specific to your computer. If you can share a zipped file with a project.bssdesign and a just few additional images that, when imported, cause your installation not to be able to save, I will test if the same happens on my computer too. And if the bug is easily reproducible I'm confident the developer will provide at least an aswer.

btw, a test.bssdesign with no sensitive data in it and license-free images from Unsplash are all we need.

Is this still an issue? I saw another like post of same issue unresolved from 2016. I also cannot save for past few days. Today I let Windows update and made a minor change and it did save. But when rebuilding my page it again stopped saving, whether SAVE icon is enabled or greyed out.

So ...my specs. Win 8.1, Quadcore 16RAM TByte free. License for life. I duplicated a page and renamed. It holds 10 pictures. I am basically replacing the copied page pictures with new ones. I suspect it's the import of 22 images before I place them. Is there some kind of limitation on the number of photos a project can endure? Each page with pictures are limited to ten, but I have at least a hundred or more imported into project. I have also tried to Save As, Export, Duplicated project. Same issue. Save as does not show up, Export, when not ignored, does not export the new changes. And now the SAVE button is greyed out and remains so even though I am editing text, deleting photos, changing photos ..etc.

Other than that I am stumped. I will try to import photos one at a time I guess, saving between each import.<br /> I am hoping after 3 years that this has been identified at least. Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Program also up to date.

Contact support, theres not much the users on the forums can do for software issues. They will probably want to take a look at your project file so be prepared to send it to them as well. Good luck and hopefully they will get it worked out for you.