Word wrap

On the editor there is no word wrap that I've ever been able to see. This causes so much hassle of finding stuff and it's easy to lose where I'm at.

Is that something you guys at BSS would look into?


Hello and welcome to the forums!

You mean the HTML code editor that is shown when you double click Custom HTML? I agree, and I think that we should enable more options for it, like customizing tabs vs spaces, choosing tab width, toggling wordwrap and other useful features. I am adding this to our todo list. Hopefully we can do it in one of the 2.6.x releases.

Hi Martin, Thanks for your reply. Yes that's exactly it, it's ok when there's not to much code, but find it a bit hard going when it doesn't have a wrap round.

It will be a great feature. Many thanks, Nigel

Good point NightShooter.

Hi Martin, is there anything more on the word wrap in BSS? It is annoying working in it without that feature. Cheers.

Is this going to be added? In the custom code editor, it would be nice to enable word wrap instead of having to go to next line only by pressing enter. This is a must!

Yep I agree word wrap is a must to make editing custom code that bit easier, same goes for the js editor window too

Yes I've just downloaded the latest version and still no word wrap, can never be used as a main editor while this isn't available, not for me anyway and I try to promote it. Whilst like this it's just a prototype thing.

Thanks for reminding us about this feature! It will be delivered in one of the upcoming 4.0.X updates.

Happy to report that word wrap was shipped in 4.0.4 alongside a few more options. You can upgrade to it right now.

Awesome - thanks Martin and all BSS team