WordPress API Integration

I would also agree with @bkonia concerning WordPress, but I think @Jo 's last point was meaning updating the integration inside BootStrap Studio not the deployed sites. Setup, API changes, compatibility, etc., as things advance or change. Which may or may not be an issue, at least that's how I understood her statement.

Regarding CMS, I don't know the demographic (does anyone?) of deployed Bootstrap Studio sites and what type of sites are mainly built using the software?

Obviously Wordpress is the top of the heap, but I could imagine even Flat File CMS solutions being relevant to many users. Ones such as OctoberCMS, RespondCMS, GravCMS, CouchCMS, etc. If one or a few were built in via the BSS interface/GUI for setting up the CMS elements, it would offer BSS users a way to deploy CMS enabled sites themselves fairly easily with not much more work than deploying a non CMS site.

nice job @bkonia, It would be interesting to see some of your actual work/websites to see what you've done with BSS and WP. In fact this forum should have a place to showcase work done with BSS is my suggestion.

BSS_User: My script works using the WordPress API which hasn't changed in years. There's no reason why it would stop working in the future or require any special maintenance. If this was built-in to BSS, it would operate much the same way as the script, but would be far more convenient for most users.

codelearnergm: For an example of a WordPress site published from BSS, see PresicenTrading. So far, it's just the home page, but the entire layout was created in BSS and published to WordPress using my script.

Indeed nice script, very clever, thanks for sharing @bkonia.

BSS_User: My script works using the WordPress API which hasn’t changed in years. There’s no reason why it would stop working in the future or require any special maintenance. If this was built-in to BSS, it would operate much the same way as the script, but would be far more convenient for most users.

Thanks for clarifying, I was only expressing what I understood @Jo to mean. But I agree with you that if integrated it would be far less hassle to accomplish for users.

But as stated above what is the core or majority demographic of usage and site type from BootStrap Studio users. Regardless of current users, WordPress integration would certainly funnel a vast greater number of users into using BootStrap Studio. Targeted to those wishing to leverage BootStrap and Wordpress together via a desktop app.

Which would hopefully mean a hefty increase in revenue stream for further development of features across the entire app for all users. As mentioned above I think even Flat File CMS integration could be a great benefit to many users, which would likewise drive traffic and increase revenue for the app.


I hate to state this.

But since I just made that statement above I have been wondering for a while if BootStrap Studio is a full time project or side project ?

I assume the developers do side work under the parent company Zine, and I know they run TutorialZine as well. The latter sees far more activity by the developers than around here it appears. In general I assume they are away from here due to various development related projects. But I have owned BootStrap Studio for about 1.5 years. I actually let it expire at v2.7 and repurchased with the update of version 4.

Of course there have been some nice advancements during that time period, but sometimes I can't help but wonder. Since the app was mentioned above, by contrast in the same time period Pinegrow has made monumental advancements with its app. It also has a far more reaching feature and capability list. I'm not comparing the apps themselves as each is impressive in its own space. But due to the compared development progress over the same period and given that both apps are developed by small teams, it just makes me wonder -- if its a full or part time endeavor ?

I certainly mean nothing negative towards the BSS developers, but I have just been wondering concerning that for some time.


I'm not dissatisfied with the development pace of BSS. I find the product to be incredibly elegant and well thought-out. The developers have been gradually adding new features and recently updated it to support Bootstrap 4. There's plenty of stuff I'd like to see added and I've posted numerous suggestions in this forum, but for my purposes, it's as close to perfect as any HTML visual design tool I've used.

I've tried Pinegrow several times, including the new version just released and came away with a negative impression. Compared with BSS, the Pinegrow UI is a complicated mess. That's just my opinion, I know others here are big Pinegrow fans, so to each their own, I guess! Pinegrow is a far more ambitious project with a much broader scope than BSS, but for the specific niche of Bootstrap page design, I think BSS is far superior.

It was merely a curiosity , concerning development allotment.

Obviously when it comes to software and tech related topics in general, red lines are drawn, personal alliances and opinions quickly come about. Each app is unique and worthy in their own regards and upon their own merits. It was not intended to start an ongoing distinctive comparison or personalized debate regarding the two apps themselves.


BSS is a nice app but it's not moving as fast as Pinegrow which in my opinion is the superior app. Here is an example, by now BSS should have the ability to open a website and make it a project.


Sorry I ever inquired about the development allotment of BSS.

You opened the can of worms, now you have to eat it, lol.

Hi Brad, Thanks for making the script available.

Now, pardon my ignorance, but how do you actually run it? And how do you automate the call to the script after an export?

I don't usually use Wordpress because it has become too big and ugly! (As many have noted, using Wordpress frameworks e.g. Divi adds a whole new layer of complexity to the code and makes it even worse!)

So I would like to do a similar update to sites created with GetSimple (http://get-simple.info/), a really lean CMS, where BSS is great for creating both the design, and content. I can write an API to do the update server-side, I'm just not sure how you're calling your code locally?

Hi Purple,

Open a project in BSS, then go to Settings->Export->Advanced. In that box, you enter the path to my script. Once that's setup, BSS will automatically run the script after each export.

You opened the can of worms, now you have to eat it, lol.

@bkonia , I am ok with that, as it seems like a valid observation and inquiry towards the BSS developers. Nothing harmful intended, just seems like a fair question to be asked and answered.

@bkonia - best suggestion for BBS. 90% of the websites are created with WordPress. Make BBS compatible with WP will be awesome. I will contact you via Facebook and i hope to test your API.

BBS is a good tool, only i hope that after 6 months will not be like many others - closed!

Sorry for jumping into this discussion so late. We are quite busy with Bootstrap Studio development and don't have the capacity to participate in the forums as much as we'd like.

WordPress usage is very broad and people use it in all kinds of sites and would have different expectations from a visual editing tool. We can't focus on one specific use case (like only publishing pages) without people being let down that it can't do just a bit more. I don't follow the WordPress community up close, but from what I've seen WP themes like Divi have pretty much taken over the market, which doesn't leave much room for other players. Have any of you guys had experience with this type of theme?

Also I want to thank @bkonia for the thread and posting his script - he has used the Export Scripts functionality beautifully for a use case we haven't considered.

@Martin Angelov i think that you are in wrong way. Divi is 0 compare to other frameworks/themes.

"from what I’ve seen WP themes like Divi have pretty much taken over the market, which doesn’t leave much room for other players." No. Trust me people are desperate for new tools. Divi, Themify....etc users will buy this 100% if you can make Bootstrap Studio WordPress "friendly". If you do this i guarantee you that your software will be BOOOOM in the marketplace. I will help to advertise your software and trust me i can and i will. For free(i think i do not need to say but.......).

Do you know how many people suffer using Pinegrow, TemplateToaster.......trust me, if you do this, you will have good software and good community. Cheers

Pinegrow already does everything you want, even lays up like BS

This is a Bootstrap Studio forum, not a Pinegrow forum.

The point of this discussion is that many users, like myself, love Bootstrap Studio and would like to see it extended to support WordPress.If I wanted to use Pinegrow, I'd be using Pinegrow.

To each their own, but I find Pinegrow's UI to be horrible and while it may technically have more features than Bootstrap Studio, it's completely lacking in elegance and intuitiveness. I can't even stand the name, Pinegrow. It sounds like plant food or something.

And I totally agree with @devmanual. There are lots of WordPress page builders, but none of them can compare with BSS, in terms of its feature set and support for Bootstrap. Moreover, none of them other than Nicepage provide a desktop application. I can't overstate the benefits of being able to develop in a desktop app, rather than having to work in a browser window. @devmanual is absolutely right; if you added WordPress support to Bootstrap Studio, you'd sell thousands of copies to WordPress developers who are frustrated having to work in a browser window with these half-baked page builders.

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And after all that, you guys are rehashing a 2 year old post? In the end, go get Pinegrow's WP Theme Converter and use BSS to create your HTML pages and then use the Pinegrow Theme Converter to convert your pages to a WP setup. According to Pinegrow it is compatible with all sorts of website layouts including BSS's so you can have the best of both worlds. :)

After all what? The post is as relevant today as it was two years ago. I was simply responding to the remark posted by SA Web Studio. I'm not interested in using Pinegrow.and have no idea why people continue to push this product in the BSS forum.

Jo's solution is correct. BSS is fine as it is. If you need an image editor just buy Photoshop (or whatever you like). And if you need to convert your design into a Wordpress template just use the Pinegrow Theme Converter. Or do it manually. Or just pay someone to convert it. It's quite easy when you have the right tool and competence.

Budget software like BSS where many users even don't pay a single cent for a license ('students') and a lifetime license is just 60$ isn't supposed to do everything for free.

people building websites need other things, like multiple monitor support inside BSS. You can't buy that from other companies