WordPress API Integration

@marrco, you don't seem to understand the topic of this thread, so your response is completely pointless.

The thread has nothing to with "image editing", nor does it have anything to do with WordPress templates or themes. The thread is about using BSS as a page builder for WordPress. Had you actually taken the time to read the thread, rather than jumping in with an off-topic reply, you'd be aware that I already created a script, as proof-of-concept, to export a BSS project directly to WordPress pages using the WordPress API, so please don't lecture me about "having the right tool" and "competence".

I've already demonstrated that this is feasible, practical and efficient. Again, had you read the thread, you'd have noticed the developers of BSS reviewed my script and acknowledged this to be a useful workflow. Their only concern regarding building it in to BSS, was whether or not the market for WordPress page builders was already saturated and whether or not BSS would be a valuable addition to this market.

Finally, since I was able to create a script to accomplish this in a few hours, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be too difficult for them to build it in to BSS. They could even offer it as an optional module and charge extra for it. I'd certain pay for it, as would thousands of other WordPress developers.

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Hi @bkonia How is your BSS WP integration works going?

I appreciate if you kindly send your script to me as well : mtologlu@hotmail.com Thanks and best regards.

EDİT: I guess I found it (the script) here: https://gist.github.com/bkonia/d3966c9827a630d1451b151866d5e756

However there is no any further action since 3 years, I wander why . What went wrong?

Nothing went wrong, it's that the app isn't intended to deal with Wordpress. See my post from February of this year for how to deal with doing wordpress stuff. Also if you read the thread closely, you would see Martin's post from April of 2018 stating they aren't planning to deal with Wordpress, too many avenues to have to follow for that basically.

Also, if you go back to January of 2018 you will see that @bkonia posted a link to his script to handle exporting for Wordpress. Other than that, this thread is pretty much dead as far as looking for BSS to handle Wordpress.