Working with Electron

How do I export from Bootstrap Studio so it can be used with Electron?

You export from BSS using the Export button same as you would at any time. You need to set up the export location so you know where to find the files, but once you do that you just hit export and it will export the files. If you don't want the files to be merged you will need to archive or delete the old ones each time, but that's it.

One thing to make sure you are aware of. YOU CAN NOT continue where you left off with changes once you have edited the site outside of BSS. You will need to import the pages and you will lose all drag and drop capability as well as click sensitivity for Classes and ID's (although you an click on the areas of the HTML window and still get CSS class sensitivity functions).

If you want to keep editing inside BSS instead, you can add Javascript, CSS and whatever else right in BSS, you don't need to use Electron or any other editor for that. BSS can take pretty much anything you can use on a website. The only time I've used outside editors is to edit Custom Code or test something. I've not had to export to edit elsewhere in almost a year now for any of my projects. Just a though in case you were thinking you needed to edit with something else.

I know how to export from BSS. There is an portable GUI platform called electron ( I believe that BSS was built using it. I wanted to find out if anyone has successfully been able to BSS for design and then use electron to deploy.