Would be phenomenal if PWA functionality was possible

Hey there folks :) I was just thinking that it would be absolutely phenomenal if a PWA theme was made available ;)

regards Linda


Progressive web app :)

I know what does it mean. I just dont get ur point.

PWA functionality for a static website would include the following:

  • create a manifest.json file and load it in the <head> tags, so there's a "Add to Home screen" link that appears when the site loads
  • if added to the homescreen, clicking the icon launches the site in full screen, without the browser address bar
  • service workers for offline access

Thank you for starting this thread! PWA is already available in the app. The only thing we don't do is to generate a service worker as this is very specific to each website and can't be automated easily.

We use bootstrap.io to create mobile apps and export the HTML files. We then run all the files through a small program called "cacheman" which creates a full manifest. We upload via ftp, access it on the mobile device, save to homescreen and that's it. We can go into airplane mode and the app still works fine. FYI. If you get "cacheman" and cannot install it, set your computer date back to 2015, install it then, and revert back to current date.

And do we have "Bootstrap Studio users" video lessons for this type of increment?

I truly do not recommend installing anything on your computer that forces you to change the date of your computer. That's just messed up. My opinion of course, but I am sure I'm not the only one that would say that.

awesome that bootstrap studio actually supports PWA and great advise herb200mph :) the generation of the manifest is not a big issue, have seen free programmes online that generate them, whether they are any good well that I don't know, will let you guys know if I find something that works well ;)

regards Linda

Hello everybody,

I found this on the subject, it may be helpful.


Greetings Andreas

PWA totally works. I'll see if I can put together a video demo this weekend for you guys.

Hi, How we would like to test the PWA implementation either success or not? I am using Google Lighthouse to test my implementation.

Once we have cretaed our own Service Worker file, can we upload it into the xxxx.bss.design publish site? or we have to export and test it on our own server?


Speaking to Linda’s original post, I think that a PWA THEME would make sense insofar as it is desirable to make pages that look good (and app-like) on a variety of mobile devices. So having a theme that implements a material design aesthetic, e.g., would be a good way to get people started on this path.

You can use pwabuilder to make a progressive web app. It includes a easy setup tutorial, and offline support out of the box.

It’s also open source, so you don’t need to worry about tricks or transparency