Wow this is a great improvement!

Some time around in Last September , I bough bootstrap studio (I think I was one of the first users). I did a totally mess in my first try to create a decent landing page. I look for tutorials nothing appears on scene in this web site. I feel like I did the wrong decision to buy your editor. And by the way your page was only featuring your product. Very empty. I look as well for support, some forums and nothing. So then I buried in my "null" archive files and I abandoned the idea to use it again. But in recent weeks your marketing department has been very active and I found some comments about your editor in several web sites so I decide to check what's going on. Surprise!!! Now when I arrive to your web page, I find great improvements, this forum, new tutorial, you tube spread tutorials and your magic editor as well has great great great improvements. So I finished my first web landing page.

Happy coding, I mean happy drag and paste.