Wrap custom code and/or larger height scrollbars or both (Mac version)

Title pretty much says it, need the ability to either permanently wrap custom code or toggle it if possible.

Also need (and I cannot stress "NEED" enough) the horizontal scrollbars at the bottom to be taller. They are so very small that half the time I give up trying to grab them at all. It either ends up outside the window, or into the code and almost impossible to grab it to use it. Very frustrating when you cannot get to the end of the line of code. Trying to use your mouse to scroll over the text doesn't work well as it just keeps flipping back to the beginning looping over and over as you try to get to the end and overshoot almost always. I pretty much have to put my cursor in a spot and arrow to the end of the line to get there. A very very painful process with long lines of code when it doesn't wrap. I know a larger scrollbar takes up a little more space, but I'd give up a little bit of space for a double height scrollbar with no complaints, as I could then use it.

I need to bump this in hopes of a reply so I know if this is something even contemplated to be added. I am sincerely struggling here to work with this tiny horizontal scroll bar, it's getting on my last nerve and there ain't much of that nerve left lol. This would help in all files be they CSS, HTML, Custom Code, JS ect. ect. as it seems anything that is not default is not wrapped so this scrollbar is getting over used for me and it's very frustrating to work with.

P.S. I promise I'm not one to bump things up that often, and won't do this a lot to get on anyone else's nerves, but this has got me really flustered.

I think I'd have to agree with you on this :)


Thank you for reporting this issue! We will make the scrollbars bigger in the next releases. As a workaround you can use Shift + Scroll to scroll horizontally. I personally always use the shortcut, which is why I haven't noticed the issue with the scrollbars.

Ohhhh TY for that upcoming fix and TY for that tip on using the key combo, I'll be sure to look at that list of keyboard shortcuts I printed out the other day now too. :)