Wrap Text Around Image?

Maybe I’m just missing something in the BSS program, but is there an option to wrap text around an image? Specifically, I want to place an image in the upper left corner of a paragraph and have the text wrap around it with some padding. Didn’t see anything about this in the tutorials.


enter image description here

Thank you, marrco – that worked great (after removing img-thumbnail to get rid of the border).

Just to clarify, I wasn’t missing anything in the program, one has to manually add this attribute, correct?

There are multiple ways to add attributes. There's an Options pane, with the Look & Feel tab, the Styles pane, you can manually add standard bootstrap 4 class names. It all depends on how well you know bootstrap vs. how you just know BSS.

But if you don't know what a float is, how the flexbox works, how to layout using columns or the basis of responsive design etc. you'll never do a good job.

My suggestion is to learn bootstrap before using this software. There are many great courses and tutorials, same even free from edx.