Wrapping is gone?

I've looked all over and all the settings that I thought "were" there before 4.1 (sorry not sure if they were there in 4.1 as the update happened sooner than usual so I didn't look or need to change it during that brief time), but now are gone. There are no settings for HTML at all on that bar where I could swear there was some before.<br /> I have no wrapping at all, not in HTML window and I'm sure it was wrapping before this.

MacOS High Sierra


Write something, let a space at the end, press one time the left arrow key to be before the space and try Maj+Enter. Idk why the space is needed, but for me without it, it doesn't work anymore.

I'm not sure what "Maj" is? I'm looking for the button we had at the top of the HTML window (or at least I "think" we did lol) that allowed us to set the wrapping on or off of the the text in the HTML window.

Oh my bad ! "Maj" is french ! I mean "Shift"

And as far I remember, I never seen a thing like this.

You're right, Alexandre! The menu Jo's talking about is only available in our Custom Code, SASS and JS editors.

My apologies guys, I for some reason was thinking that the HTML window was wrapping as well, but it's not. I could swear it was .... oh well, we need that then too!