www and without it - how to?


I would like to our page be visible, by type 1 and 2.

1) www.thestars.pl - this not work (where i should set alias) in cloudflare ? Somebody know exactly like it should be ? 2) thestars.pl - this work (i publish from bootstrap studio like that thestars.pl)

In other words, the www.thestars.pl are not resolve, only thestars.pl (without www)

I create CNAME thestars.pl and for target i add sites.bootstrapstudio.io, what else should i do? Propably some alias, but how?

Does this help you at all? I presume you are using the Bootstrap Studio free hosting.


@Printninja, unfortunetly this dose not help me... :( Yes i'm using bootstrap studio free hosting.

1) I create custom domain, my domain 2) I transfer this domain to cloudflare 3) I create CNAME on cloudflare for thestars.pl (Without www) and target the Domain Name: sites.bootstrapstudio.io

Everything until now is working great...Only i would like to my webstie also working on address with www. www.thestars.pl - not work thestars.pl - work

I am not sure this is possible using Bootstrap Studio. Have you tried to create a second website for which domain name is www.thestars.pl ?

It would take up an additional slot, but I start to think that Bootstrap Studio free hosting is only a temporary solution ? .

Other solution: with a custom export script and now.sh, you can solve your problem without losing your workflow (now.sh allow binding multiple domain names to the same source). Basically, you tell Bootstrap Studio to run the "now" command, that will upload your website to your free now.sh account.

If you try to go the now.sh route and you need help with now.sh, hit me up with a PM.

PS: now.sh is now Vercel, don't be confused

It's work... For Me Bootstrap Studio, until i need more than 5 website is final :). So for others people... Who have no expirience like me...

You need to do this: Cloudflare: 1) DNS--- > add record CNAME ---> your web (thestars.pl) ---> sites.bootstrapstudio.io

After this step if you everything do properly in bootstrap, your you have access to your site from browser https://thestars.pl (without www, with not work yet)

2) To work with www, in cloudflare Add new record also CNAME name:www.thestars.pl target thestars.pl ( after add you will have only www in name.

3) You have to add one rule. a) www.thestars.pl/* b)Forwarding URL c)(Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, d)Url: https://thestars.pl/)

and is done Both are working using only one slot in bootstrap studio (thestars.pl)

https://thestars.pl https://www.thestars.pl

Hope that help for somebody