www.{mydomain}.com takes me to 'We can't find this file.' page

I have my website published with BSS using the cloudflare instructions. It works just fine when I put https://steveodai.com (the domain I bought). My cloudflare settings are below.

However, as soon as I put www infront of it I get the error stated above. I do not understand why because it literally points to the exact same thing. Please have a look at my settings and tell me if I went wrong somewhere.

cloudflare dns settings

Actually there is “usually” a setting to do one, the other or both. The 2 setups (with or without the www) are essentially 2 different domains so to speak. Look and see if there is any other setting that allows you to do both. If not I would suggest contacting support to see if there is a way to do that.

Hi Jo,

By "there is usually a setting to do one" do you mean with BSS or Cloudflare? Just wanted to clarify, thanks!

The version with www in front of your domain is essentially a different website. You can set Cloudflare to redirect the www version to the non-www one in their control panel.

Thanks guys after creating a Page rule it seemed to have resolved this issue!

Glad you got it working.

My comment was a generalization of servers such as those using cPanel. When you set up a domain in most server setups, it usually asks you how you want it directed. I don’t use BSS servers so all I could give you was a generalization.

Martin got you taken care of though so it’s all good. Now that he says that, I do recall a previous poster was given that info. The real question is ... will I remember next time the question is asked lol.