XML file upload to bss.design hosting


  1. I am looking for the way to import xml file to bootstrap studio , and upload to use. Please help.
  2. Sometimes, bs design studio gets stuck, stop responding for minutes … What happens - or do I do somethings cause it ?

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  1. You cannot upload xml files into the Bootstrap Studio program. The program only allows you to upload image files, CSS, JS and fonts at this time. You must upload any other file type to your server, and then reference the path to the file from within BSs.

  2. Impossible to even begin to guess with such a vague description. Especially without knowing the details of your computer system. It could be your computer, a corrupt BSS installation, insufficient hard-drive space, ram, a virus, or a dozen other things.

I have only once encountered this problem as a result of the Bootstrap Studio software, and this was when multi-selecting a large numbers of components in one of the earlier releases (I believe it was 5.4.1), but the problem was corrected with the next update, so make sure you have the latest version of BSS installed.

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You can add your xml file to a textarea component
Here is an example

the first post in the example is for you

Thanks. You are truly a font of obscure knowledge.

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For security reasons, modern browsers do not allow access across domains.

This means that both the web page and the XML file it tries to load, must be located on the same server.

w3school said that.
Do we have a way … ?
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uh, I can not open your ex.

It’s not a security issue. The file was available when it the post was made. It’s just not there now. I’m sure @kuligaposten just took the page down since the example was made and acknowledged, so no reason to leave it up.

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XML files cannot be imported into BSS, so no, there isn’t a way to do that. But, as Printninja already stated, you just upload it to your server in the location you would want it and reference the link to that page/file in your BSS project. Then when you upload it the reference will already have been created and it will work. All the fiules will be on the same server at that time.

I posted the example again
the link will be broken in a week from now

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Thank you much for your help !!

My solution is … rename xml file into a .js file.
So Bss eat it right away :slight_smile:

Btw, Bss add “head” tag and every “script src…” tag into every .html file which we import. Do we have a way to exclude those ones ?

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You can’t rename a xml file to js file and think it will work.
copy your json in a new javascript file
at the very beginning you can write var myXMLdata=
and paste your json after the =
now you can use it as a javascript object

Uh, I consider it as a text file.
then use parseFromString convert it back to xml content.

i need it be a file (not a textbox), so when have changes, I just need to upload a file …

I dont understand much about new techniques, my coding belongs to time 25 years ago :slight_smile:

however, I want to know how we can exclude header paragraphs or some attached script src=… for every html file when we importing in bss ?, except to lead them to an useless html file.